July 2018 ISSUE

Taken to the Cleaners

By Lauren Landsburg

A few days before his first State of the Union address in January 2018, President Donald Trump put his signature on two unusually large tariffs for products widely used by U.S. citizens--washing machines and photovoltaic cells used in solar panels. The President signed those new ...

The Simplicity Assumption

By Arnold Kling

  This attitude... is based on the belief that "the difficulties and disorders of humankind can be overcome by some large-scale adjustment: it suffices to devise a new arrangement, a new system, and people will be released from their temporary prison into a realm of s...

One Man, One Vote and All its Costs

By Anthony de Jasay

 Electoral choices are increasingly made without due regard for the consequences. Some of our friends tell us that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. This is not really correct. Only bits and pieces of the world are being carried to hell or some place near it, wi...

School Vouchers and the Inverse-Hirschman Scenario

By Phillip W. Magness

One of the most enduring critiques of school vouchers appears in Albert O. Hirschman's modern classic, Exit, Voice, and Loyalty (1970). Responding to Milton Friedman's economic case for educational competition, Hirschman argued that one of the potential pi...

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